Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The "iconic" Dom of Cologne

I took a quick side-trip last year before Franz Schubert Institut to Köln, Germany. 

I had never been, but had wanted to go ever since my beloved graduate school song-and-accompanying teacher first spoke about the “Dom” which Heine mentions in Buch der Lieder, and then in turn, what Schumann appropriates into Dichterliebe

On the mission was of course to explore the Dom (cathedral), one of the largest in the world. Heine writes, 

"Im Rhein, im schönen Strome,
Da spiegelt sich in den Well'n,
Mit seinem großen Dome
Das große, heil'ge Köln.”

(In the Rhine, in the beautiful river, 
which wrap itself in waves, 
with its enormous cathedral, 
the great, holy Cologne.).

The text goes on to compare the object of the “protagonist’s” affection to an icon within the church, of the Virgin Mary.

This photo is of the exterior. 

When I went inside (I remember it raining that day a little), I figured that the Heine-Schumann icon would be incredibly obvious. Alas, it was not! There were several “contenders.” I’m going to ruminate over the photos I took and see if I can surmise which icon it is.

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