Sunday, June 25, 2017

The "point" of vacation

I guess I do realize that I write more when I’m “away” then when I’m in the day-to-day rhythm then when I’m traveling. 

Zheng and I are enjoying some much-needed “down-time” before I head to Europe for a pilgrimage (more about that in another post). On today’s adventure was the Art Institute of Chicago. Neither of us had been, and we were very much looking forward to it! Along with some famous works of art (I had to explain some of them, including Dorian Gray as Faust, etc.), it was fun to take in the museum and see the exhibits. 

I had also forgotten that “La Grande Jatte” (inspiration for Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George) was at this place, and we turned the corner and got a surprise! The up-close encounter to the “pointillism” was fantastic … 

Getting close to the artwork was informative because you could see an added border, used by Serrat to contrast the frame to the painting itself. He also used, points, dots and jabs to get the affects that we can see from afar.

[ and yes, the pun from the title ] 

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